A Little Investigation

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Patrick Little came out of nowhere and information on him seems scarce, even coming from investigative reporters. Every voter deserves to know who their candidates are and hopefully this post will shed a little light. This investigation is by no means complete. I encourage the People to form their own opinions based on the evidence available…and there’s plenty more to be found.
Don’t be sheep.


 Part One: His cover examined 

According to an interview on the Brexit Party podcast, after serving as a network admin in the U.S. Marine Corps, Little read Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald and became redpilled on the Jewish Question (http://archive.is/UL0Yq). Little then left a $100k/year IT job to combat Jews and save the white race. Let’s examine this claim.patrick resumeAccording to his online resume he was an IT guy in the U.S. Marines.  But there’s another employer listed: Vets 4 Trump.

little-vets-4-trumphttp://archive.is/Vjg7bhttps://angel.co/vets4trump (they scrubbed Patrick once I started poking around)

Vets4Trump website seems abandoned. Odd.

little vets for trump 6

And the Facebook fanpage seems dead too.

little vets for trump 9

Vets4Trump seems like a front. They even tried raising $10 million on Fundly.

little vets for trump scam.JPG

Shane Burns, eh? Who is that?

little vets for trump 10


little vets for trump 12

Shane’s LinkedIn has lots of leads. Ultimately it shows he’s the founder of REC Protocol

little vets for trump 11


Keep “renewable energy” in mind as we go forward. 

While involved with Vets4Trump Patrick also worked with Nicole Garay.

little-vets-for-trump-6She’s the Vice Chair of the Sans Francisco Republican Party, and a Zionist Jew.


Her Twitter was also scrubbed recently and replaced.


Who are these Zionists connected to the banking elite and Trump’s campaign? Why is everything backtraced to a small clique of Jewish persons operating within business and politics? And why are they scrubbing their tracks? Very strange. 

What about Patrick’s claim of leaving a high paying IT job to save the white race? According to a business proposal sent by Little to (((John Moren))), Little is/was self-employed.

LITTLE-BUSINESS-6http://archive.is/1XgmR | https://file.io/HNjN8E | https://file.io/D4iW7E | https://file.io/ZgDBTzlittle morenhttps://web.archive.org/web/20180525195454/https://blog.sfgate.com/cityinsider/2011/09/19/citys-new-harbor-master-dives-right-in

The current facts lead me to believe Patrick merely put his own business on hold while LARPing as George Lincoln Rockwell. This, in my opinion, is not the act of a martyr but a conman. I’m certain Little can reclaim his career at any time or maybe anon’s prophesy is correct?

little prediction

To re-cap: Patrick Little left a $100k/year IT job, read Culture of Critique, and became a redpilled anti-Semite.

little coverstory 3

That cover sounds familiar…

little coverstory 2http://archive.is/Xg2dA

I wonder what else is the same? Wasn’t Mike Enoch a Libertarian before going “full 1488?”

little enoch libertarian

>muh libertarianism!

little libertarian

Oh look. Patrick Little was also a Libertarian before taking the anti-Semitic redpill. https://voterrecords.com/voter/10970191/patrick-little


is Unit 8200 getting lazy? Little’s and Enoch’s cover-story are virtually identical.

So what about Kevin MacDonald? Besides claiming Jews are more successful than everyone else because they’re smarter (their control certainly has nothing to do nepotism and criminality), Kevin defends Mike Enoch and TRS. Listen to MacDonald’s interview on (((Torah Talk))): https://youtu.be/6K6gT-yNw-4?t=1h4m40s Anyone refusing to expose Zionist nepotism while supporting likely MOSSAD operatives like Mike Enoch (will talk about him more later), all while promoting “based Nationalist Israel” is not redpilled and are incapable of redpilling others. MacDonald and Libertarianism both seem like stepping stones to anti-Semitism which produces Zionism. Clever, but not clever enough.

israel macdonald

Pat’s entire cover-story is suspicious. He’s worked with a lot of powerful Zionist Jews, has employment connections to the U.S. Government beyond just the Marines, and he came outta nowhere. I wonder if he’s also Jewish?




 Part Two: Is Patrick Little Jewish? 

This section is clearly for fun. Without both a DNA test and his family tree there’s no way of knowing his lineage, but we can discover enough information to form an educated opinion. 

Patrick Ryan Little, 33 years old, is known to have lived in Florida….where he studied Hebrew. O_O

little coverstory 1


Interesting note: Little also studied Yiddish while attending high school in Germany. Check out the above article.

Alright, let’s examine Patrick’s connections to Florida.

little jewish 0

 A couple relatives are listed, possibly his mother and father or aunt/uncle. Let’s examine Kathleen. https://nuwber.com/person/563a2dc4e0cd4806cb7f3a67

little mom 0

little mom 001https://www.beenverified.com/people/kathleen-m-little-191530416

Ah, so her middle initial “M” is for McDonough, likely her maiden name.

little mom 12https://www.whitepages.com/name/Kathleen-Mcdonough-Little/Jacksonville-FL/r3eqda7

In the Family & Relatives section we find Patrick. This is definitely her. We also find a few family members: William, Lauren, /ourguy/ Patrick, Michael, and David Little. Let’s look into William Hunter Little. 

little dad

He’s a real estate agent in Florida.

little dad 2.JPG

And employed at Watson Commercial. I wonder if they have an employee page?

little dad brother

Success! And not only is William listed but so is David Little.

little dad 4little dad 3

Let’s look at David.

little brother 3little brother 2Looks Jewish to me. What do you think?

William and David share the same eyes. They’re prbly father and son. Does Patrick Little have the same eyes?



Surrounding yourself with Jews. Working with Jews.  Learning Hebrew and Yiddish. Family seems to be Jewish. Highly suspicious. Are Jewish, Pat?




 Part Two: Mike Enoch

Enoch and TRS have disavowed Patrick Little, which seems questionable considering Little reflects TRS style anti-Semitism.  In my opinion the conflict is manufactured to confuse anons. /pol/ destroyed Mike Enoch and TRS so thoroughly that any person they promote is automatically viewed as a subversive plant. It seems natural Enoch would distance himself from prospects he and other TRS agents spam.


little TRS 1Full size: https://imgur.com/a/3epbnxO                                                                                            

little enoch

If Enoch and Little has disavowed one another why do they look so /comfy/?

And why are shills promoting TRS in Patrick Little threads? 

Moreover, the little support Patrick receives on /pol/ is looking like a PSYOP. 

cry more kike 🙂

organic-1lolwut?! Maybe Portugalbro is just really excited about Patrick Little…


organic-2Jesus Christ…




psst…hey faggot, want to elect /ourguy/?



Go ahead and try to convince me Patrick Little isn’t secretly being helped by TRS. I wonder if in a few days Enoch, Anglin, and others will openly embrace Little seeing as that’s the only move they can make now…or let Little fade into obscurity. Pick your poison, Mikey.



 Part Three: Road to Power

road to power 2

The Road to Power paid for the Patrick Little robocall in an attempt to spread Little’s brand. 

road to power 7

A recent article by Chad Sokol has exposed The Road to Power as run by Scott D. Rhodes, 49. He was busted leaving flyers promoting the DailyStormer at high schools and parking lots.


In the same article we discover Rhodes’ real surname is Platek.

little rhodes 4

> inb4 Platek is (((Platek)))

little rhodes 1

A Polish Jew!

road to power 14

What’s most interesting to me is that Mr. (((Platek))) seems involved with Andrew Anglin, Weev, and the DailyStormer — even spreading their flyers. In my opinion, it’s evidence they’re helping Little along with TRS.


Hey kid… want a redpill?



To me, what really makes Platek glow is his American Discovery Publishing, LCC description. “Our team of research specialists, consumer advocates, editors, marketing specialists, programmers and designers…” This wouldn’t stand-out were it not for the fact Platek is involved in propaganda and information warfare. His “team” sounds like an Intelligence cell. 

little rhodes 2What is Unit 8200?

This guy promotes Patrick Little and Andrew Anglin. Who is paying him? Is he involved with Mike Enoch too? And why does his flyer tell Jews to go back to Israel — is he a Zionist?




 Part Four: EuroFolk Radio

Beside TRS and Platek, Little is being launched into eceleb status by various small-time nobodies on YouTube. Let’s look at one now EuroFolk Radio.

eurofolkradio 0http://archive.is/29fDZ


eurofolkradio 2hmmm…not much in the Whois. Let’s check the IP.

eurofolkradio 1Ah ha! So they also run openfreepress.com.

eurofolkradio 3http://archive.is/nKdmj

They didn’t hide their contact info 🙂 Who is Paul Hesling? Check out his email addy: paul@voxinet.com

eurofolkradio 8

We’ve found an old LTD! I wonder what Paul is up to these days?..



It seems he’s running an alternative energy LTD, called Energy7, along with a few other gentlemen.

eurofolkradio 10 https://archive.li/ZsCzR

Why are they operating in Africa?

eurofolkradio 11

Maybe if we look into the other directors of Energy7 it’ll make some sense.

eurofolkradio 12

First, Felix Riedl. 

eurofolkradio 6He’s done lots of work with children in Africa.

http://archive.is/x3LAR | http://archive.is/csBqE | http://archive.li/trUF6

And Norbert Ruther seems to be a corrupt German politician.

eurofolkradio 4eurofolkradio 5He’s also a Cultural Marxist. I wonder what they’re up to in Africa, and why they’re involved in White Nationalist podcasts. This one little podcast is connected to some very powerful players. Makes me wonder who TRS is connected to.



 Part Five: WTF is Going On?

In my opinion there are a few possible reasons for this level of Deep State fuckery:

  1. To give Feinstein or another Democrat the vote
  2. To give another Republican the vote
  3. To promote a culture of anti-Semitism which results in Zionism

Let’s briefly look at why one or all of these is correct.


  1. To give Feinstein or another Democrat the vote

This scenario should be obvious to everyone. Patrick Little is highly unlikely to win California with his juvenile antics and the polls prove it. Patrick is doing a great job scaring the liberals into never voting Red.

little poll

2. To give another Republican the vote

This may be less obvious but consider who else is running as Republican. Most of the below candidates lack any social media presence and several of them even lack proper websites. 


There is only one candidate with a legitimate shot at winning the Trump crowd. Everyone else are total nobodies. And it just so happens she’s a Zionist Jew.

LITTLE CRUZerin cruz 3erin cruz 1

Compared to Patrick “Literally Hitler” Little, Erin Cruz is looking good to the Trumpfags. In the end it may very well be Feinstein VS. Cruz. Either way, only Israel wins.


3. To promote a culture of anti-Semitism which results in Zionism

It feels counter-intuitive to rally against anti-Semitism given the crimes of the Tribe, but anons are realizing anti-Semitism and Zionism are two sides of the same shekel. Patrick Little, TRS, the Road to Power, Anglin and the DailyStormer… they all promote two things: Anti-Semitism and Zionism. By exposing the problems Jews cause it’s easy generating widespread anti-Semitism, which makes spreading Zionism natural because let’s just deport the Jews to Israel, right? This is Zionism, anons, even if reluctant… and it didn’t work so well for Hitler. Zionists create the problems, Zionists offer their solution. In a future post we’ll explore both anti-Semitism and Zionism. Until then, stop falling for their tricks. Zionism is not the answer to the JQ and anti-Semitism belongs on /pol/.

little zionist 2TRS Jewish Nationalism



The last unspoken option four: all of the above

What if they are manipulating both sides to create confusion? At the height of said confusion they can offer a seemingly reasonable solution and you are likely to accept it. Regardless of what their goal is I could never believe Patrick Little is an organic candidate without a hidden agenda, but that’s my opinion. 

This concludes Part One of our Little Investigation. Part Two later.


little maltegoBonus: I’ve uploaded a Maltego barebones file here.



Is 4chan compromised by Zionist Jews who now protect the Patrick Little spammers? Let’s find out…

little bannedBanned for posting an image exposing Jewish subversion of /pol/

little 4chan 2Jewish subversives not banned for actual spam

4chan redpillO hai Jay!


Part Two: https://realmoarpheus.wordpress.com/2018/05/31/a-little-investigation-part-2/

little-how-do-you-do.jpgDisclaimer: The information contained in this post is the product of OSINT; all information is publicly available. If I’ve made any mistakes please contact me with the correction along with proofs. The purpose of this post is to spread what I sincerely believe is the truth based on research. Don’t do anything illegal as a result of what I write. See the original Spencergate disclaimer for more information: https://spencergate.wordpress.com/legal


77 thoughts on “A Little Investigation

  1. If Patrick is promoting ‘Zionism’ so much, then why did he go on the BIGGEST ANTI-ZIONIST YOUTUBE CHANNEL, Ryan Dawson?
    Or is Ryan Dawsom ‘controlled opposition’ too? You shills can’t even keep your narratives straight!

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    1. Deporting Jews to Israel because you’re not sure what else to do is the product of anti-Semitism and properly called “Zionism” — even if reluctant. Patrick Little supports deportations before rendering Israel incapable of attacking America and Europe once all Jews are in the safety of Israel. This is Zionism and it was Hitler’s mis-step. Don’t let our generation die out to Zionism. Be smarter.

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    2. You are failing to understand Hegelian Dialectics. Also, UNIT 8200 in the modern era would have been Hertzl’s wet dream. Hertzl said that virulent anti-Semites would be the Zionist’s best friend. Why? Because they repulse the unaware or ppl on the fence away from facts and evidence that are all that are needed to expose the real problems. “Jews rape babies” for instance – one of Littles tactics … Hertzl would completely approve of. And what you just engaged in “guilt by association” of merely being on someones show without quote comment or critique of what was said, asked, or rebutted is lazy. This is the problem. These folks are fighting a war of information way over the heads of people like you who anon comment. I comment publicly. I do not hide behind the cloak of anonymity …. So provide factual analysis, or stop trolling.

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      1. Everything you mentioned, including Herzl’s scam of anti-Semitism – a tradition Patrick Little follows – I mentioned. And evidence was provided. Where’s your complaint?

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  2. that’s a screenshot of his linkdin *after he removed the start-up he was working for as an engineer (obviously he didn’t want to tarnish the company when he started naming the jew on his linkdin, fucktard). The Blitz wireless LLC was only a little side gig he was trying to do, at that time but didn’t pan out into anything. Voters for trump was just something he was casually helping out with after he quit his job and it never panned out into anything. He doesn’t even know the people involved, had met one guy (i think) and was just like, “yeah sure I’ll help,” and thought it was gonna pan out into something more but it just faded from his attention and/or just in general. This article is shit-tier wild conspiracy nonsense. simply run as a cover to dox his family. Nothing more. You’re a piece of shit or probably work for the jidf. and i know tons of ex libertarians in this thing… are they all part of this conspiracy with mike enoch as well? you’re a complete piece of shit and this is an absolute nothing garbage article. who are you? come out and publicly debate Patrick you fucking coward. show yourself…


    1. As for debating Little, sure, but I have no need to dox myself for him considering he’s now a nobody. If Little is interested he can explain why deporting Jews before removing Israel’s ability to attack the West is a good decision. Thanks for your comment.

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      1. and for everything else i said you fucking faggot? that’s right, you have nothing. you’re attempting to dox his family (and by the way… got the wrong people. that’s not his family you stupid fuck. you’re going to get sued into oblivion). you’re a little coward bitch trying to dox people and you suck at it. do you have a twitter? skype? gab? let’s talk. you’re so brave by trying to dox people online… why not come and meet me for lunch and talk in person? what are you afraid of? I’m not.


      2. Mr. Little can contact me if the info. I posted is incorrect. If Mr. Little would like to debate his pro-Zionist stance he can do so right here. If not then Mr. Little can stay defeated. :^)

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  4. kvetch kvetch kvetch kvetch kvetch


  5. We will find you, and we will end you.


      1. yes you are. and you’re doxing innocent people inviting violence. also, deleting comments and changing comments


      2. “Dox” is short for “documents” and refers to the releasing of private documents, such as: SSN #, State issued ID cards, marriage records, and etc. none of which I have released. As for violence, that’s why I wrote a disclaimer… years ago. What you’re upset about are Google searches and my opinion regarding them LOL Stay mad.

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  6. ok faggot, so the people who’s information you put on here (who aren’t even patrick’s family) don’t have the risk of harassment, violent attack, etc etc by antifa and insane and violent far leftists you fucking lying coward? you know this to be the case because it’s so obvious a five year old can understand this. when you release information relating people to someone who is perceived to be far right… leftists fanatics will harass and attack these people. you know this and did it anyway. you are a fucking evil piece of shit who puts innocent people at risk and a giant coward. come and meet me. I’ll give you any information you want in regards to debunking all of your fake shit and more. but you’re a pussy and a coward. fucking pathetic loser….


    1. All information posted is publicly available and verifiable. If Mr. Little would like to prove I have it wrong he may contact me with proofs. As for ANTIFA: they are a Communist domestic terrorist group of which I have no control over. Patrick Little and ANTIFA can both go get fucked.

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      1. ok, but you realize that if the innocent people you posted on here get attacked by antifa because they found the information on your blog that yr partially responsible, right? if you can’t understand this, then you’re hopelessly retarded and probably mentally ill. so good luck with all that you fucking psycho retard. if you have any integrity, meet pat in person with your concerns and give him a chance to refute them. you’re just throwing out false information that you could verify the truth or falsehood of by meeting with Patrick. or keep being a fucking conspiracy pusher and shit stain who helps the enabling of innocent random people (not even related to Patrick) to be attacked by leftist freaks. must rest nicely on your conscious eh. “patrick and antifa can both get fucked” -fair enough, then go say it to him in person and let him respond to your garbage, coward. and I guess the other innocent people who’s information you posted so that leftist violent thugs can attack them and harass them can also just get fucked…you little psycho? I’ll even pay for your plane ticket and set up a meeting with Patrick…or are you a fucking coward who has no integrity, courage, or guts. Keep getting putting innocent people in danger, faggot…or man up and do the right thing.


      2. The info posted is to show Patrick Little, like Mike Enoch and all the other “white” nationalists, is more than likely Jewish. If ANTIFA found the same info using a Google search would you say Google is responsible? Of course not. You can continue crying if you want tho. It’s not my concern.

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  7. nobody is crying, just calling you a cowardly faggot because that’s what you have clearly proven to be. want to meet Patrick to verify all your bs? I’ll pay for the whole thing. or will you run away like a little bitch? Google didn’t write up a specific and concise blog basically detailing how to find people who are supposedly (and not even) related to Patrick Little, thus putting those innocent people in *real* danger… so, no google isn’t responsible. completely different thing, fucktard. Keep hiding like a little bitch though.


    1. >fite me irl bruh!
      Stay defeated, Patrick.

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      1. i’m not patrick but i’ve met him and he’s easy to get in touch with (but you never will because you’re afraid). stay putting innocent people in harms way, faggot. you must be a real happy person to be able to stomach helping to harm innocent people who have nothing to do with patrick little. and keep deleting my comments, pussy


      2. Part two of my investigation tomorrow :^)

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  8. Holy shit. All these connections!

    I bet you were meditating, listening to techno music, surrounded by clippings of newspaper articles, and dry erase boards filled with numbers and equations…

    You truely have this Goyim convinced! Keep doing what your doing. Maybe tell me your address so we can work on it together. 😀


    1. “Maybe tell me your address so we can work on it together” — Georgia is too far away, sorry. :^)

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  9. expel the Jews from pol. create a virtual qg to recover pol of the Jews and influence the internet with true nationalism

    pol / should be used for:
    _ expose false Jewish oppositions (identitarians, Nazism – hollywood, putin, trump, altkike, counterjihadism, le pen, farage ,Afd etc)

    – expose Jewish involvement in the USSR.

    _ expose the Jewish lies about the second war / germany

    _using comments on influential websites to stop Jewish and anti-white lies.

    -promote real opposites like varg vikernes, survive the jive, pedro varela etc.

    exposing the Jewish subversion of culture, media, film and Western art.

    expose Jewish influence in the destruction of the West through immigration + assimilation, censorship, feminism, promotion of white guilt, non-white victimization etc

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  10. Great article/research man. Pretty eye opening.

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  11. You’ve certainly triggered the Pat-Tards with this one.

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    1. lol thanks. How’s things going for you?

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      1. They’ll be better once we’ve won.

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  12. I think they’re using a stock image for the new Nicole Garay twitter. I saw this ad on FB with a woman who looks just like the new Nicole Garay. Or she just dyed her hair to look less jewish. https://imgur.com/MifmOBu

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  13. Great article. I was actually cheering this guy on. Great research. Use a P.L. to scare all the libtards to the voting booth. Or conservitards, they serve the same master. I’d post this on gab if you gave me permission. But will not without your permission. Keep up the good work.

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    1. I’d really appreciate you sharing of this or any other article. The more people we wake up the better!


  14. Morpheus, I appreciate the autism and investigation, and I won’t deny there’s a chance that Patrick LIttle is controlled-opposition (There’s always a chance, for everyone). However, a big flaw with all your analysis is that you never give the benefit of the doubt to anyone. You are too binary, and you do not consider other worlds wherein people aren’t necessarily all for one side or the other.

    Not everyone can be as autistic and thorough as you, and completely disavow/disassociate with jews. Jews are everywhere in everything-politics. If you will consider everyone who’s ever talked with a jew, to be a jew supporter, there is nor can there ever be an anti-jew figure.

    You can always find a connection, especially with those that were pro-zionist before and have converted, like PL. If you don’t believe he has converted, fine, but don’t say it like it’s fact. You don’t know that for sure, and you’re no better than the kikes who shame the opposition into silence. Have some humility. Thanks.

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    1. Thanks for the well thought-out reply, Ozpin. Patrick Little promotes deporting Jews to Israel as his solution to the JQ, which assumes Jews belong there, and this is Zionism. Instead of holding Jews to the same legal standard as everyone else he places them above the others by rewarding genocidal animals not with jail cells or the noose as law demands but their own State. This is Zionism. In my opinion Patrick is either a subversive hoping to spread Zionist propaganda by manipulating anti-Semitism or he’s simply incompetent. If Mr. Little can admit his strategic flaw I’m happy to work with him to answer the JQ in a real way but I don’t see this happening because I believe he’s an infiltrator.

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      1. I have to say, I heard him say the criminal Jews should be held legally liable with potential dearth penalty. Perhaps he just wants to deport the not criminally involved? It me be difficult for him to openly call for the total genocide of people who share Jewish genetics.


      2. Our options are not limited to doing what the Jews want (Zionism) or genociding them.


    2. come on :

      _Patrick looks 1000% khazar
      _Patrick is promoted by shill Jews in 4chan
      _Patrick is promoted by altkike
      _Pratrick is promoted by dailystormer and the rightstuff
      _Patrick, as proven by morpheus, has connections with Jews.

      * All threds in the 4chan promoting ideology, youtubers or politicians ALWAYS promote false Jewish oppositions.

      The only autistic here is you, Trumptard.

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    3. lol yes. Being vigilant is autistic. The real “autists” are those that don’t look into anyone’s background and follow the dog whistles like little puppies.

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    4. Not to mention those of us with Jewish FAMILY who were brainwashed with the “Poor, poor Jews” BALONEY!
      Just use the ‘180 Rule’ and invert everything you know!

      In “C” we have the Penis/Snake operator, “!”, that coincidentally INVERTS an expression; phallus/serpent/sword/dagger, etc. are synonyms. If you know their symbols and literal magic, some of which is very real, [Masonic], you’d know this is no coincidence.

      Nice research Moarpheaus!
      (Assuming this gets through… unlike other comments.)

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  15. there is a French website that works in the same way as the Zionists dailystomer and therightstuff : promoting islamohesteria, false opposition( trump, orban, salvini,tommy robson, identitarism etc) creating false hopes, promoting putinism , Nazism hollywood and seeing israel as an ally.

    is among the most viewed in france, and is operated from the USA.

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    1. I’d bet all these sites are connected.


    2. Yes, they are connected. the site even has the same layout as the dailystomer.
      altright, the European identity movements (Génération identitaire) and dugin / russia are also connected.

      And all these sites used 4chan and 8chan to grow


  16. If deportation Jews to Israel is a problem, then what we should do with them? Let them subvert Western countries in key positions of power and letting them flood the West with third worlders? Jews have been been kicked out 109 times from 84 countries and they always trickled back in. What are you suggesting here?

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    1. They’re criminals. From white genocide and subversion to child sex trafficking rings. Criminals belong in jail cells.


      1. @Moarph, Jewish/Masonic sub-cults are doing a whole lot more than kidnapping and sex trafficking of children; these fracks setup a pedo-BROTHEL; in Columbia, I think. They also sexually groom their children to setup politicians, judges, cops, etc., and/or prostitute them. “They get their money for nothing and their chicks for free”.

        Their masonic “punishment”? Deportation to ISRAEL to setup another ring in another country; Colombian press/judges allowed them to cover their faces and identities! (Masonic JustUs is the same everywhere! )

        A BUS LOAD OF ISRAELI JEWS SELLING LATIN KIDS TO OTHER JEWS! They should have been decorating Columbia Christmas trees in prison; it was Jewish men and women!

        “Keep your Stallion in the Stable” and Bring Your Own Glass
        They also use gorgeous women, placed in your path, some mind control victims, to lure/set you up; take great care with your food and drink; my GLASS was drugged at my daughter’s CAL POLY/SLO graduation. Her ‘friends’ best friend’s top shelf Italian restaurant bar tender did this; looked to her like I was drunk which was false on two glasses of wine.

        I forget how many bio-attacks have happened; weaponized diarrhea that the less we know, prolly the better, has been a periodic part of my life for over a decade; before that ZERO.

        NEVER TRUST COPS; some will kill you if you’re important enough.
        Public and private sector sayanim work together in layered attacks via false reports.
        Carry a dash cam and body recorder; two separate false police reports which could be proven were placed and ignored by police sayanim. If you get pulled over slow down, but don’t stop until you see a public location with people. http://Www.TinyURL.com/SayanimExposed
        (You DO want to watch every video in that playlist!)

        In early activism, when I tried to be anonymous it was only fellow targets or ‘intelligentsia’, that knew not who/where I was; it was a huge mistake with people constantly disappearing there’s no way to know what happened. Was is just terrorism or were they killed or admitted into one of our hospital based gulags? When your logged into anything your IP gives your exact address; though your car is likely tracked, still keep the battery out of your cell and know they use car ‘accidents’ to assassinate.
        Because several were subs, very active, but anonymous, there was no way to research what happened.

        This Jewish ‘senor eater’ thing was found and disclosed, years ago on YT in “Qabala Bugs III” and then this rather strong connection to “Club 27”, dead A&E stars to Jews and Qabala.was found:


        PS: Regardless of our conditioning and beliefs about magic, spirits and ‘witch hunts’, I can assure you ‘they’ know full well what I’ve decoded is highly accurate and some ‘magic’ is real. Formerly, I would laugh too at the “New World Order” claims some were making; NLP is why religious brainwashing works and is so strong.

        “Follow the White Rabbit”
        Funny coincidence that’s exactly what I did and struck pay dirt. Never even saw the movie until it was delivered to me by one of their mind control victims; a nanny from decades ago ‘happened in my path’!

        When the rabbit symbol=Jews was decoded and released on YT, the matzo balls hit the fan around here and on my blog; there were literally fireworks, other noise pollution, not to mention being stalked by Jews, having one dog killed and my house set on fire by a Jewish “witch”, being false arrested, assaulted and then let off with a minor fine! Total terrorist scam!
        (Including one dead dog, never allowed out, IN MY OWN YARD, unsupervised; somehow he was poisoned in my house. Already had several beloved pets die suspiciously, and one ‘accidentally’ poisoned by a neighbor with snail pellets when I’ve yet to see one snail here in WC.)

        This is not speculation, at all, BTW; I knew the witch could see she was a Jew and asked questions; she knew about the Pi Basis of Judaism, was an “MD, daughter of a Freemason and Qabalist witch”; quite honest, but refused to speak of “The Craft” due to it being “personal”.

        ~Seven days later on Pi Pi Day, 2-6-2017, a suspicious fire goes off in my kitchen and the evidence was destroyed by firemen that would prove what they claimed was false; other physical evidence corroborated this was NOT a ‘cooking fire’; the alleged source burner was turned to OFF!

        [video src="https://archive.org/download/FireHouse_201804/Fire-house-2.mp4" /]

        The next level is OFF LINE actions like fliers pointing via QRCODES to concise, well evidenced information; nothing real deep, but keep in mind most are cowards and will spew their NLP conditioning in support. “Conspiracy Theorist”, “NAZI ANTISEMITE”, etc.

        This was going to be a short comment and my PS ended up longer than the body!

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      2. Holy crap! Two comments posted as one would expect; earlier comments never showed up as even “awaiting approval”, if memory serves. Perhaps Jewpress has turned off my unkosher flag?

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  17. great research brother.. I knew something was off about him.. and the end game of anti semitism is for all jews to make aliyah back to Israel… that’s why bibi Netanyahu wants all jews to come back to their homeland.. I am assuming maybe this is reason of rise of these alt right retards.. Also you should see the connections between Alexander dugin and rise of alt right…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. For sure. I’m glad anons aren’t falling for the scam. If you’re interested in Dugin check out spencergate.wordpress.com Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes bro.. I have checked that blog too and read them too. Also shared these blog online too. 😄

        Liked by 1 person

  18. I understand things better now great comments. I guess we are all afraid to deal with our problem because all i have heard since 2014 is a broken record with no plan of action. How do we take our countries back? Revolution is out of the question, we will have every ZOG military in the world all over the states…shit they have everybody convinced the AR 15 is sufficient protection when in fact .223 round will bounce right off of good military grade body armor. We would have our asses handed to us. So what do we do?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Make everyone else aware of the problems.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. we have to create a propaganda group to act 24 hours a day promoting our message. we will use this group to influence debates in forums and thus change the political culture.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. morpheus could consecrate a loyal audience with a daily news site on the pro-white cause. later this public served as the basis to take our message in forums

        Liked by 1 person

      2. thanks for the kind words but im not here for that. after the next post ill be going dark.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. I have too much time on my hands, let me know how i can help. You very may be the real deal not another shill.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just help spread the word man


      1. just spreading the word does not work. the redpilled opposition will again be controlled by shills.
        if there is not a well-structured movement to guide redpilled people, they will be co-opted

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re right. The problem is who will lead this movement? I’d be suspicious of any “leader.”

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The first step is to attract people of confidence. then get organized, spread the word and guide the redpilled anonymous

        see how shills work: first they attract people with limited redpills (sites / channels / who comment on news of target audience interest); then, they neutralize the redpilled opposition, promoting extremist behavior and false leaders / movements.

          We are millions, all we need is organization and discipline.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You’re right. Shills either promote extremist behavior (DailyStormer/Siege), promote false leaders (Alt-Right), or they promote inaction and just complaining (Renegade). You’re right.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. truth! daily stormer and alt right do a false activism, while renegade is unproductive.

        renegade also associates the pro-white and anti-Zionist cause, to craziness – flat land, anti vaccines etc.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. For sure. I have some opinions about Renegade coming in the next post.


  20. I am on Bitchute in the comments but now i am being targeted by Hasbara. Comment’s deleted bullied and trolled. I am starting to understand Bitchute is another Zionist platform but in overdrive because they are not limited on this platform like YouTube.

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  21. I don’t think we need a leader, i think the truth should be our leader. Once your eyes are fully open you see right through the Zionist tricks, trust me not long ago i was unknowingly doing their bidding collectively blaming all Jews for what Zionists do or have done, now that i can see i could never go back to thinking the way i did before. I see through the meme’s the video’s the chat trolls all that shit now.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. We need to make and promote videos explaining our position, commenting must be disabled to limit distraction from the message of the video’s.


    1. We need to control 4chan and promote trusted sites and movements. we should create a continuous thread in 4chan to report the false opposition.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i and a few others have already taken control of 4 and 8chan’s /pol/ boards. But I do not see a worthy movement to promote. Do you have one or will you create one?


    2. did you take control, and what were the themes of the threads you created?

      I thought of varg vikernes, but he’s a larper retard – he’s not serious!

      true movement i don’t know, but there are several small sites and youtube channels that are legitimate

      I will not create any movement, I do not even speak English.

      At this point we should use pol to expose the false oppositions.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. what were the themes of the threads you created?


      2. I was attacking Renegade at the time.


      3. renegade is an unimpressive site with a small audience.

        Renegade’s role in controlled opposition is to serve as an escape valve for black pilled people

        Liked by 1 person

      4. From the research that I’ve done, I agree with your assessment. However, we could be wrong in our perception. So I offer Renegade the opportunity to join our side. But the information uncovered must be brought to light first, and they must answer to everything.


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