A Little Investigation – Part 2

little whoisThe whois registry for Patrick’s website returns a Florida phone number. Let’s check it out…


little phone 3According to Nuwber, the phone belongs to Wesley D. Parker. Who is that?



little wesley 1

He’s a Real Estate appraiser in Florida.  You can read more about him here.



little wesley 2

According to PeopleSmart Wesley D. Parker is related to Wesley Ryan Parker.



little wesley 3

Wesley Ryan Parker was arrested for running weed. There should be a mugshot somewhere…



little wesley 4

WEW LAD!  That’s one kosher looking criminal. If Wesley Ryan Parker is Jewish and related to Wesley D. Parker that means Wesley D. Parker is likely also Jewish. Why is Little’s website coming back to Jews in Florida? This rabbit-hole can be explored further but let’s re-direct our attention back to Patrick.




In part one of this investigation I showed that the DailyStormer and TRS are likely aiding Patrick Little, and the admin of his Reddit page has basically admitted as much. 



little enoch 2

And since exposing Enoch’s support for Little in my first post, Enoch was forced to publicly endorse Little. This is all looking like another (((TRS))) PSYOP.



TRS-=-JIDF.jpgWhy are MOSSADfags so incompetent?



Anyway. Patrick’s social media confirms that controlled opposition is controlled. He only follows 80+/- people on Gab  and it’s a literal who’s who of TRS and the DailyStormer.

patrick little following 13



His Twitter is even worse.


Patrick follows a lot of Nazbol cancer, like Alexander Dugin, whom I’ve touched upon before. Let’s take a look at some of the shills who protect him on social media to confirm.



little nazbol 2

little threat 3

little nazbol 3little nazbol complete

little threat 4

(((Nazbol))) kids are pulling e-muscle for Patrick Little. Why would commies protect an ebil Natzee?


little threat 3a



Is Patrick Little a crypto-Communist Jew working to infiltrate American politics? It’s looking that way to me. Maybe that’s why he refuses to address his Zionist shilling?

little coward 1little coward 2little coward 5


Nazbols think anons are too stupid to even care they’re being manipulated. Is that true, /pol/?





PROTIP: How to Recognize an Israeli plant

  1. They’re “/ourguy/” or “/ourgirl/”
  2. They accuse you of Jewry
  3. They promote the agent like no other. All day, every day. Nothing organic to it.
  4. They say, “At least agent is doing something — what are you doing?!”
  5. They accuse you of being scared or a shill
  6. They defend the agent within seconds on many IPs to control public perception
  7. “Reported”
  8. Everyone who rejects the agent is automatically the same person
  9. Mis-use of the term “redpill” when everyone knows the first redpill is out of the Matrix controlled by Jews
  10. Agent somehow goes “full 1488” while rejecting all forms of National Socialism
  11. Agent promotes Zionism as the solution to the Jewish Problem



Stop Falling for Jewish Tricks!!!!!1




Part Three: https://realmoarpheus.wordpress.com/2018/06/17/a-little-investigation-part-3/



Disclaimer: The information contained in this post is the product of OSINT; all information is publicly available. If I’ve made any mistakes please contact me with the correction along with proofs. The purpose of this post is to spread what I sincerely believe is the truth based on research. Don’t do anything illegal as a result of what I write. See the original Spencergate disclaimer for more information: https://spencergate.wordpress.com/legal

17 thoughts on “A Little Investigation – Part 2

  1. There are currently a couple different sides to this conflict.
    1. Optics Cucks, CivNats, Libertarians, TRS, DS, Ricky Vaughn, weev, etc. …they have lost most of their audience, and have little power, for being opposed to IRL events and naming the Jew publicly.
    2. TRUE NATIONALISTS who don’t back down, such as Patrick Little and his ‘coalition of the Ascendant’. His campaign has brought together LOTS of people to fight against ZOG and name the Jew openly, from Whites and Blacks to Arabs and East Asians, from beach bums to soccer moms. MOST of the people who support Pat don’t even know a damn thing about TRS!
    3. People like you, who have correctly pointed out the subversion of the TRSodomites and their ilk, but refuse to get behind Patrick over accusations of ‘Zionism’, which you have never allowed him to address adequately or debated in good faith. PATRICK IS NOT A ZIONIST. NO ZIONISTS SUPPORT PATRICK. NEARLY ALL ANTI-ZIONIST SUPPORT PATRICK.

    The BOTTOM LINE is that it is OBVIOUSLY a good thing for such a campaign to exist, where the Jew is NAMED PUBLICLY, and your opposition to it is a sign that you are NOT THINKING STRATEGICALLY.
    In 2020, literally HUNDREDS of people will be running for the HIGHEST OFFICES in America on ‘Counter-Semitic’ platforms, all because Pat has inspired them to.
    Seriously, you need to either GET ON BOARD, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!


    1. How did deporting Jews to Israel work for Hitler?

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I see your point and yes there is no reason for criminal activity to be addressed with deportation when the law specifies Jail time. I think creating a climate where most Jews would not want to live in would be best such as having an ethnic policy on all positions in the government much like Hitler did and restoring freedom of association for the private sector thus gutting the civil rights act in the private sector, removing “hate” crime laws hypocrisy, etc.. Hitler did not complete the transfer of Jews due to the war, but if he had Germany would have been better off. What else could he have done? Keep them and do what? This is an interesting article and yes if Patrick wants to not look suspicious he should debate you. Truth will out. Reason prevails.


  2. lol. this is retarded, are you 12 years old? dude, do you want to do a live stream with Patrick so you can confront him with all your damning “evidence?” I can set it up. he’s very easy to get a hold of. I’ve talked with him many times in the last few months. very easy to reach. you literally have his phone number. why not call him and *ask* him about this stuff? I’m trying to help you. i could get you on the phone with him today. but watch, you don’t care about the truth. have some integrity, please? stop hiding and putting out conspiretarded blog posts and take initiative and get to the bottom of this, no? i’m not trying to bait you into being doxed or whatever. you can stay anon. and no, i’m not patrick as you have implied. can easily prove this if you just skype with me (?)


    1. ” i could get you on the phone with him today.” I’ve had his phone for a while, thanks tho. Patrick is free to comment on this post if he’d like to debate me. Otherwise he’s nobody and the Communist/Zionist plot has been, and will continue to be, exposed.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. Patrick, like Richard Spencer, is nothing but a talking-head for Zionism. He’s nobody and doesn’t matter. TRS can shit out another e-celeb to replace him…well, they could before but not now 🙂 I didn’t need to face-time with Spencer to ruin him. I’m not doxing myself prematurely. At the right time you’ll all know me. Until then, take a moment and realize the powerful blow I have made against your agenda.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. dude, you must create a network of contacts to promote your complaints in 4chan.

          create a group with 50 people to post continuous threads on subjects that demolish these demons.

        stay isolated on a blog
        will not have any result.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good idea. Who wants to risk their /comfy/ status to fight ZOG tho? They will come after those 50 people too.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. The people who fight against the Jewish supremacists, but alone and disorganized.

        The Jews win, even in smaller numbers, because they are united, organized and disciplined.

        You can entice people here or create a HQ on facebook or anywhere else.


      4. I’ll work on a guide for anons. Thanks, Jan.


  3. What do you think about varg vikernes?
    and survive the jive, is it legitimate?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, Varg could make a digital revolution with the faithful public who follows him. If he approached subjects of interest to whites, he could have a public the size of shill jpw. imagine 1 million people being educated about the false oppositions (altkike, nazi-hoollywood, identitarians), true nationalism. Imagine this audience being oriented to influence discussions in facebook, youtube, 4chan (currently controlled by shills Jews) etc.

        This guy has enormous power in his hands, which unfortunately is being used to get whites to accept their own genocide.


  4. bump jews are the worst but /ptg/ fags deserve it for being too dumb

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  5. yes ,it will be easy for you
    You’re doing an excellent job!

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  6. Reblogged this on Heathen Women.

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