A Little Investigation – Part 3

I had planned to post this a few days ago but became distracted by work.

Forgive the delay.


little wife dege

ANTIFA has recently doxed Patrick Little’s wife, Lisa Dege/Deryl Bennett, a student at UC Berkeley, and exposed Patrick for living off his spouse’s loans/student assistance. So Part Three of this investigation will focus on his campaign manager, Samaria Ruiz.


Ruiz 1

Right Wing Watch shows Samaria Ruiz, aka Samaria Salazar, has worked not only for Patrick Little and Baked Alaska but also the goat’s blood drinking Thelemite Augustus Invictus.


ruiz 8


Who is the witch responsible for creating e-celebs and running their political campaigns? Let’s find out!


ruiz 3

Samaria Ruiz’s maiden name is Salazar.


ruiz 4

Salazar is a Jewish surname.  To verify let’s look at additional sources.


ruiz 5

little wife jew 4

Not only is her maiden name Jewish but so is her first name.


ruiz 6


She’s a fucking Jew. Just like Patrick Little, Mike Enoch, Baked Alaska, Weev, Anglin, and all the rest.

Behold: the bloated face of a subversive Zionist.

little wife 00

But she wasn’t always spamming /pol/ with Patrick Little threads…


ruiz 7She’s a Democrat LARPing as a far-right activist! 


>inb4 she wasn’t always redpilled but now she’s full 1488!


ruiz 8Democrat PSYOP confirmed? Need more proofs…


little wife website 2Samaria’s Linkedin lists Nextgen Climate as her employer. Let’s check them out.


little nextgen 1NextGen is an environmental advocacy nonprofit and political action committee created in 2013 by Tom Steyer supporting candidates and policies that take action against climate change. Who is Tom Steyer?


little wife website 11 tom jewlittle wife website 10 tom jewlittle wife website 9 tom jew 2

Tom Steyer is a billionaire Democrat Jew working to subvert American democracy. 


nextgen 2nextgen

Samaria seems to be a crypto-Leftist political operative assisting other crypto-Leftists in their journey to e-celeb status. Let’s confirm…


red elephants vincent jew

Samaria is also a contributor to the pseudo Right-Wing media company (propaganda team) The Red Elephant. Created by Vincent James (not his real name) and possible Ashkenazim (the nose knows), the Red Elephant is responsible for promoting Patrick Little, other e-celebs like Nick Fuentes, and Siege-motivated groups, such as R.A.M. (Rise Above Movement). The Red Elephants looks like another propaganda front much like Euro Folk Radio, which I covered previously.


red elephants little 3red elephants littlelittle wife red elephants 1red elephants samaria 1red elephants samaria 2red elephants siege 1red elephants siege 2red elephants israel 1


The Red Elephant is connected to the DailyStormer and TRS, both of which are Zionist propaganda outlets owned and operated by Jews.


red elephants dailystormerRED ELEPHANTS TRS


It should come as no surprise then that Samaria is also a TRSodomite.


little wife following 1little wife following 3little wife following 5little wife following 2little wife following 6little wife following 8little wife following 7little wife following 4


Samara Salazar-Ruiz, based in the evidence available, is a Jewish Democrat political operative LARPing as an ebil Nahtzee and working with other crypto-Leftists/Communists/Nazbols (TRS, DailyStormer, Red Elephant) to subvert the opposition against both Israel and the Diaspora. 



little wife phone address 2little wife phone address 1


Patrick Little is a Leftist Jew. TRS and the DailyStormer who assisted Little’s rise are run by Leftist Jews. Samaria Ruiz-Salazar… is a Leftist Jew. And while ANTIFA did good by exposing what they’ve exposed, they’re still not understanding what’s actually happening. I hope to change this and unite all Peoples against their common Enemy.


This is the third and final installment of our investigation into (((Patrick Little))). Part one exposed Patrick as a Jewish fraud supported by pro-Zionism groups like TRS and the DailyStormer whose goal is promoting anti-Semitism as a stepping-stone to Zionism. Part two re-enforced the claims in Part One. In Part Three we have learned Patrick Little’s entire campaign was directed by a Jewish Democrat. 


jew tears


Using Patrick as our example we have exposed how shills introduce and market e-celebs and how Jewish groups feign in-fighting for the purpose of controlling both sides. This tactic allows them to offer a middle alternative – their real goal – and is but the equivalent to a Magician’s Force. Now upon seeing these tricks used to produce a new “leader” or e-celeb you will take notice and Zionist subversion will not affect your opinion. 

How will Israel ever recover?


method 1method

Good luck force-feeding a new e-celeb down our throats now, Mikey.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this post is the product of OSINT; all information is publicly available. If I’ve made any mistakes please contact me with the correction along with proofs. The purpose of this post is to spread what I sincerely believe is the truth based on research. Don’t do anything illegal as a result of what I write. See the original Spencergate disclaimer for more information: https://spencergate.wordpress.com/legal

49 thoughts on “A Little Investigation – Part 3

  1. I researched facebook and found that salazar and samaria are very common names and surnames among Mexican goys.
    Samaria Salazar also has a common phenotype of the Mexican people.

    However, good research to clear out these Jews and their dirty tricks.

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  2. Altright is part of the Jewish shills that hijack the white pro advocacy. Altright moviment has all the symptoms that are characteristic of Jewish subversion in the pro white cause:

    _ Islamohesteria: Make the goy hate those whom the Jews have as an enemy, ie: islamic;

    Blame everyone for the problems created by the Jews: Jews created and promoted poisonous ideologies that alienated women (feminism), whites (progressism), blacks (victimism) and who are destroying white nations. But according to altright, you do not should blame the Jews, but rather those that the Jews alienated.

    _Promove fake Zionist controlled false messiah / opposition: trump, ukip, FN, Pegida, Putin etc.
    Trump HAS NOT FULFILLED THE PROMISE: The wars for Israel continue; Intrusion in foreign countries continues; he did not drain the swamp; Hillary was not arrested; has not deported and will not deport the 50,000,000 illegal; the wall will not be built; the false refugees continue to enter (trump has already received more Syrian refugees who abama); anti-white laws (positive discrimination) continue to be promoted and funded by government / or government-related entities.

    _Promove and collaborate with other movements and sites controlled by Jews: “dailystormer”, “Aryan Radio”, Millenawoes, altrigth “, counter-jihadism etc.

    _Promove the distortion of the concept of white race so that Jews, who pretend to be goys, are considered white and can infiltrate movement. Promotes the Jewish phenotype as white.

    _Promove hollywood Nazism: Prevent the debate about Jewish supremacism from becoming mainstream by associating it with the (FALSE) primary racist type of skinheads and dailystormer.

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  3. Well, let’s see. We know for a fact that Anglin used to publish Joshua Goldberg, and we now know that not only is Goldberg Jewish, but he’s anti-white (and anti-Muslim) and his fake personas were being publicized by Rita Katz of SITE Intel as both an “anti-semite neo-nazi” as well as a “radical anti-semite ISIS terrorist.”

    There’s the fact that Anglin was a full on philo-semite and anti-white and within 2 months decided to go “full fascist.”

    there mike enoch , TheRightStuff jumps to defend Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) when they are criticized. They call themselves “sister sites” and do fundraisers together. (((Daily Stormer))) is for the young kids and the lower IQ, while TRS is for 20s/30s and people who went to college.
    But they are part of the same team: fake “Nazis,” trolls that attack anyone who won’t pretend to be “hardcore” – and of course, both are run by Jews (like Andrew “weev” Aureinheimer and Enoch himself) or people who are awfully close to Jews.

    There’s “weev” – whatever exactly that is supposed to be
    weev is Anglin’s main man. He moves, talks, looks and acts jewish. Auernheim is a jewish name. Hewrote this before going to prison (from which he managed to get out veeery early…): “Any attempt to brand me an anti-Semite is idiotic. I have no problem with any person solely because of their Semitic descent. Take a look at my last name, “Auernheimer”. Think about the likely origins of this name for a second. Even a quick Google reveals its origins. The most famous Auernheimer of history, journalist and author Raoul Auernheimer, had his way boughtfrom the fires of Dachau by his uncle, Theodore Herzl himself. Come on, I have curly hair and brown eyes here. The claim many“journalists” are making that I am some sort of Nazi is preposterous, but I suppose you have to resort to ad hominem when the public overwhelmingly supported me on the basis of the facts of the case.”


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  4. outstanding research moarph… much support man!

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  5. soapmachine tech June 23, 2018 — 6:02 am

    I am very impressed by your work. I thought I had the mental tools to sniff out the jew magic tricks but I found myself supporting patrick litte…..
    I thank you for sharing this with me. I have underestimated the jew rats. Even these young Jews can be so dangerous. The level of deception that you have uncovered is incredible. Keep up the great work my man.

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    1. Thanks. I’m glad you’re more alert. To Victory.


  6. Reblogged this on Heathen Women.

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  7. These are 11th hour tactics where chameleon Jews pose as gentiles, “exposing” shills (such as themselves) to gain credibility. All you have to do at this point is to look at who is leading the opposition and know (((who))) they are. This was obvious in the beginning of the Alt-Right, but this newer strain of shill is now “naming the Jew” which confuses Jew-Wise people who falsely surmise that these are the real advocates. It is most telling when you see how all these shills of the ShillTube network are following and subbing each other. Great work! I have not seen anyone really lay it all out the way you do.

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    1. Man.. great summary of this new form of kikery. “We name the Jew tho!” sure.. but they also promote Zionism as the solution! Fucking normalfags eat it up too.

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      1. not only promote Zionism as a solution. (eg, trump, salvini, orban, faragw, afd) and subvert the concept of white race to include Jewish phenotypes


      2. I was volunteering for Patrick Little but had no idea since i never heard him say that, but then again i did not watch every single vid. I thought i knew his entire platform. There is no get out of jail excuse. Anyone who breaks the law has to be tried in court; military court. If i had heard him say this i would have said the same about breaking the law.

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      3. For Patrick Little the time is not short and a forgiveness is available. Swallowing one’s pride is all that’ required. These Zionists will murder my People and his. We are the same.


  8. Good job.I got involved in researching Little because his/guy Handsome Truth.I looked into Pat’s story of his blimp in SF bay.I called CHP and asked if a blimp was on I-80 DURING RUSH HOUR ON AUG. 29 IN EMERYVILLE AREA.
    sgt Thomas said no way.Pat is collecting money for the next flight of fraud.Take Care YT channel “John Kelleher”vid is “Pat Little’s Masterpiece,Your blimp is my blimp.Kinda.GDL”

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    1. Nice work contacting CHP and looking into Pat’s claims. TRS, DS, Alt-Right, Patrick… scamming Zionists profiting from White Genocide. It’s like they enjoy living up to the evil Jew stereotype. I’m not even angry tho… just sad for them.

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  9. Hello Spencergate Is this website/youtube channel “Zionist Report” associated with you? He has cut and pasted this work.I do not see credit given to you.


    1. I’m not associated with Zionist Report but have seen their article. I don’t need credit just the info. to spread. Thanks 🙂


  10. I imagine you support the work of Red Ice , Kevin McDonald and David Duke. I don’t see a problem with them. Ancient Europe kicked Jews out of their countries or made them convert. They need to be prosecuted and once the jail time is over kicked out. Where they go is up to the country thus making them someone else’s problem. Hitler wanted to contain them in Madagascar, but it is better to have the bulk of them gone.


    1. The criminal class of Jews belong in prisons. The normalfag Jew checking out my groceries at Wal-Mart should assimilate, reject Zionism, and live under our laws or also be thrown into prison. I don’t support any of the people you mentioned for reasons I’ll give in future posts. Thanks for your comment.

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      1. Wow. This is a deep rabbit hole. You are really blowing my mind. I agree. You could keep them in prison for life. Like you said the rest should assimilate like Queen Isabella had done ,but many of them still were loyal to their faith and would remove the names of the Catholic statues so that they would not violate the law of “idols”. Still over the course of time they would assimilate under a strong nationalistic spirit to educate them to the horrors of Marxism, Bolsheviks, etc… I absolutely detest the Bolsheviki communists, new and old, and I wish Russia would bring back the house of Romanov, and the Czar.

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      2. “I wish Russia would bring back the house of Romanov, and the Czar.” they will, fren :3

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  11. If you are for real you have an ally and you have my email which you may use to hire me and possibly for free.
    If you are not for real, then you know my name and that I am your enemy. All gentile are your enemy if you are a jew too.

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    1. I like your mindset. /pol/ works for free. Biggest investment is time and tendies.


  12. I knew Samaria when she lived in Sierra Vista, AZ. She worked on Bernie’s campaign before he lost to Hillary, and then worked in the DNC political machine for a while before hanging out with right wing activists. She isn’t a leftist operative. She just wants as much attention as possible, and wasn’t getting it from the left. But a Jewish, Mexican woman reposting Hitler memes and supporting nationalism… that’s uncommon enough for her to get attention just by existing.


    1. Is she really Jewish?


  13. Hey Moar do you think Spencer is a Zionist as well? According to these authors he is. I posted this on the heelturn stream on stream.me and some of the guys got real defensive and started calling me a jew, which i am not btw, and this one did said he would proudly follow Mike Enoch, whom i reminded him was a Jew. He seemed to be Zionist provocateur trying to keep the people in line much like a Soviet political officer. I almost wanted to say”FITE ME BRUH! IRL” HA HAHA! Classic, Truly yes men and sycophants is what is being promoted in some of these areas where NAZBOL is trying to be moved around, thus mob mentality egged on by Jews. One thing is to fight Jews, Alt-lite and antifa, but its quite another to fight your own country men who think they are doing the right thing. https://steemit.com/politics/@activist-news/richard-spencer-is-controlled-opposition-100-proof-cia-asset-confirmed https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@lavater/controlled-opposition-richard-spencer-at-uf-the-nazi-psyop-and-the-push-for-hate-speech-laws-in-the-us I sent a tweet to Spencer asking to him to explain himself. https://twitter.com/DSR9992/status/1074460522123329537 So no we have to fight our countrymen as well who are just to stupid or brain washed to know any better. What do you think?

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    1. Both of the articles you’ve linked to are very good. Yes, I believe Richard Spencer is not only a Zionist but a crypto-Jew. Bolshevism and Judaism seem to go hand-in-hand. Check out this piece on Spencer I wrote a while back and keep calling-out controlled opposition. You’re doing good work! https://spencergate.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/spencer-cryptojew

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  14. Mooar to clarify apparently Mike Enoch is not Jewish after searching for it. However i dont know if he supports NAZBOL.

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      1. Wow. I have only seen those kinds of eye lids on Jews so i assumed he was, thus would you say the he falsified his 23andme report.

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      2. 23&Me is a Jew owned company with a record of falsifying results.


      3. ignore dsr999 moarpheus, he is just a hasbara troll wanting to gain his trust

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  15. I am not interested in trust just provable facts, nothing else. I like to listen to both sides of an argument and see the validity of the evidence, of which Mooarpheus has made some interesting points. I did not know that about 23&me. I was told that https://www.gedmatch.com is more accurate. The more powerful a person becomes the more they must be scrutinized like Spencer and Enoch or anyone else since what anyone says cannot be just be blindly accepted.

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    1. troll, how can anyone believe that the mikike enoch genetic test was real? Seriously, how is that mongrel hapa looking 100% European?

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      1. That was my initial reaction but then someone said he is slavic and i thought that maybe i had seen russians with similar eyes ,but of course nothing that flitty or solid brown which is seen in Khazarian eastern russian ashkenazim. It is confusing because if this deception is real then this is on another level of criminal and i think points to organized crime or some scary level of collusion. Mike has a lot of people in his pocket and I think he is going to direct the ethno-nationalist movement to Dugin and those people are f*cking satanists. I don’t fear anti-fa or other domestic terrorist groups because they are morons ,but I am weary of my country men becoming this, ,because they follow Neo-bolshiviks posing as ethno-nationalists. You have seen that they can get just as rabid as anti-fa, not all but I see a cult forming there of the worst kind.

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  16. There is absolutely no excuse for not going all in. Judaism is terrorism. Anti-semitism is the way forward because lawless subversiveness and mortal deceptiveness are not human values. Remember this: If you are too scared to be a Nazi then you can not be a Nazi too.

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    1. Convince non-whites otherwise anti-Semitism leads to Zionism.


      1. Well the reason that the bolshivik red army beat the loyalist white army was due to higher numbers. I thought Patrick Little was extreme but you really do live up to your name Mooar. Hah hah! I think i have gone too far down the rabbit hole and it seems the future will be decided in one or series of climatic struggle(s) between the white loyalists and red degenerates. Scary sh*t bro, but i honor my oath of service to the death to do my best that you and other truth seekers will have the basic rights provided by the constitution ,because all oaths are binding and must never be taken lightly.

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      2. Thanks for your service, man. Keep waking others.

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      3. And that is your primary message you insert in with everything else as you haven’t been paying attention to Little’s videos and his admissions. His change of viewpoints are a gradual awakening from ZOGbot indoctrination. Your message is: “Stop anti-Semitism because jews want it”.


      4. When Mr. Little renounces Zionism as the solution to the Jewish Problem, and when he denounces National Bolshevism, I’ll be happy supporting him.


    2. I will always denounce censorship of debating Hitlers alleged “death” camps and uphold free speech for all in accordance of observing non-subversive, non-treasonous speech like banning inciting attacking troops and law enforcement. I proceed very analytically and thus far ,from my point of view, the trouble makers have been the khazarian ashkenazim. The sephardic were living peacefully with muslims prior to the havana agreement of Hitler relocating khazarian\ashkenzim from germany, Have you ever asked yourself if the Sephardic jews had not migrated to eastern russia from babylon and mixed with the Khazarians ,but all gone to the middle east would the world be the way it is today? Would there be slavery, usury, porn, anti-white agendas,etc… I have been told that Judasim is a cult, but it seems that the people who act on it in a hostile manner have always been the khazarian\ashkenazim. Genetically and morphologically the sephardic have differences such as they look like arabs and the latter sometimes look like goblins, ogres, toads and snakes or indistinguishable from whites due to mixing. I am in this to try to save Europe from being destroyed by fake guilt of bolshivik lies about Hitler because my Home land is spain and italy and i defend it. All that is needed to turn this around is for people not to be de-platformed or censored.

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  17. Thanks Moar. Happy new year. May we reach new levels of red pilling and full disclosure,

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    1. Happy new year bro. Hope to see you lurking.

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