Full Disclosure

This is perhaps muh blog’s final post. Much of the following information oldfags will undoubtedly know, though some they may not. I am writing this to serve as a record of the truth as I understand it.

Nothing in this post is designed to personally harm any individual and I do not support violence or criminality in any capacity. Barbaric behavior only benefits the Enemy. I believe every single word of this post. I am not now nor do I expect to be suicidal.

 Part One: How to Rig an Election

In card magic, when the magician tells you to pick a card, he already knows which you’ll choose. What the spectator doesn’t realize is that the mechanic uses various methods of forcing a predetermined card which he later plans to reveal in a mysterious way. The act of choosing a seemingly random playing card from the 52 available feels natural and the spectator believes it’s a freewill choice. This control principle can be used in every matter which a person makes a conscious decision, including politics.

With that in mind, consider the United States presidential candidates in 2016. On the Republican side we had Cruz, Kasich, Jeb, Rubio, and Trump. But who was the most charismatic and received a majority of the media’s attention? Trump. Compared to Trump the other candidates seemed weak and undesirable. Ben Carson’s nickname was “Sleepy Eyes,” and the other candidates had one too. What was Trump’s nickname? “The Chaos Candidate.” How fucking cool is that!? This type of guerilla mass manipulation, or if we call it what it is: “Treason,” virtually guaranteed Trump’s nomination. And of course on the Democrat’s side we mostly saw Hillary and Bernie, however Hillary had greater coverage.

trump media 1

Hillary and Bernie were close in the polls. I’m sure the targeted media attention had nothing to do with that. Hillary VS Bernie, engineered so that moderate Democrats afraid of Trump were forced to choose between a crazy old socialist or Hillary Clinton, the political sweetheart of the Left. And just to make sure Hillary would face-off against Trump and not Bernie who may have won by accident because “muh free shit!” what did the old Bern do? He convinced his supporters to back Hillary.

Bernie Controlled OP

Having the media focus on Trump and Hillary while their opponents did their best at appearing boring, unhinged, or in some other way grossly undesirable made the 2016 election solely about Trump and Hillary; there were only two candidates all along. It was always going to be Trump VS. Hillary.

Hillary was painted as a baby-eating witch, and she may be, but Trump was marketed as the beacon of morality who “never even had a drink of alcohol.” I think we all know by now what Trump really is and if you don’t you very soon will. So the American public was forced to choose from two options, one of which seemed entirely evil and the other as the Savior of our Republic. And who did the People choose? Trump or Hillary? Hillary! The psyop back-fired and Trump laid it on too thick. He came across as a salesman, not a Messiah. Hilldawg won the popular vote but Trump won the Presidency thanks to the Electoral College. No, it wasn’t “her turn” and she knew it.  Their ace-in-the-whole was the EC and if you want to jump down a rabbit-hole look into who was on the EC, how many times a person was made President using the EC, who their opponent’s were, and what their opponent’s views on Israel/Judaism were. There’s a lot to research for the curious mind. But back to the psyop.

It’s call a Magician’s Force, and you can use it in several ways. For example, to convince /pol/ to support Trump paid propagandists often use the line:

>At least Trump is better than Hillary!
>wtf I’m with her now!

in an effort to control your decision making process. But you’re really just being asked to choose your preferred conqueror! They’re all the same people. They dress differently, they say different things, they attack each other with ferocity, they get imprisoned or killed…it’s all theater and they are all working towards the same New World Order.

Trump NWO

When the magician succeeds and bewilders his audience he tends to become over-confident. He commits a fatal mistake by breaking the #1 rule of magic: He repeats the same trick twice. Soon the audience notices the flash, the glimpse, the false shuffle, and they piece together how the trick works. Soon the whole theater knows! And the magician is out of a job.

The Magician’s Force is not only being used to manipulate the United States but also Canada, Hungary, France, and elsewhere. Why? To cement NWO.

forced choice 9forced choice 13 faith goldy

forced choice 6

They are not forming a New World Order, they are making you aware that one already governs the world.russia nwo

russia nwo 2russia nwo 3chabad nwoisrael china nwoNWO malcontents

And now we come to 2020. This time we have Bitin’ Biden as the obvious Bad Actor squeezed between weak candidates on either side or who I believe are blatant Republican plants. Tulsi Gabbard was pro-Israel right before she was pro-Pandering to /pol/. Yang is a Communist who wants to give us free money until our economy crashes and China can attack us with Russia’s backing. They’re all weak, and they’re all Zio-Bolsheviks. So is the goal for Trump to win another term? It doesn’t matter. Either Zionism or Communism will be the straw that breaks America’s back and opens us to (((Foreign Intervention))). It really doesn’t matter what happens in 2020 because the vote is rigged and your mind is hacked, not just the machines.

This is how to rig an election


control both sides, the leading candidates generate strong emotional responses, voters in emotional and receptive state, the media unconsciously instructs voters to choose the preferred candidate on both sides, it works and the pre-determined candidate wins, or not and you just use the Electoral College, and if that’s not possible then you can just wait four more years because the stupid goyim will never catch-on LMAO

Your vote doesn’t matter.


 Part Two: Accelerationism

Recently the term “Accelerationism” has been thrown-around thanks to Brenton “Israel is Pretty Cool!” Tarrant, but that wasn’t always the case. The German philosopher Nietzsche spoke of a certain type of Accelerationism, as has Nick Land – a Communist who dresses Internationalism in the garbs of “Futurism” and believes that Capitalism should be embellished or “accelerated” in order to cause a collapse (which has been the goal of Bolshevism since the beginning). I have also created a far more modest form of Accelerationism: Political Accelerationism. Rather than over-throwing the United States Political Accelerationism is concerned with combating the process of political manipulation outlined previously. Here’s how it works:

  1. (((They))) want you to vote for A
  2. A is made to appear highly desirable, cool, and almost like a Messiah figure
  3. A is surrounded by other candidates but they’re lame, uncool, and pedophiles
  4. The People naturally choose A to represent their side
  5. (((They))) want A to battle a weak B
  6. B is the other side’s choice due to the same trickery
  7. But B is the underdog because A has greater fanatic support
  8. B is made to appear dangerous, Satanic, and almost like a Whore of Babylon figure
  9. A (the perfect candidate) VS. B (the worst possible candidate) results in C (as in “their desired candidate is now the most powerful man in the world and you are cattle. “C” – Cattle).”‘
  10. Repeat throughout the world


  1. Do the opposite of what Jews want.

If they want you to go Right, you go Left. If up, then down.

Of course they control both sides but that’s not the point. Consider that they do control both sides which means they use both sides for specific, oftentimes contradictory, purposes. They control both sides and this means one side must fall so that the other can rise. And this is where the redpill gets very dangerous.

Political Accelerationism is a strategy of halting an opponents advancement by calling his bluff when his strategy relies on “Embrace my agenda or the suffering continues!”. He sends this message to you by making the Left appear as insane as possible and the Right at least slightly better. “If the Left hates Trump and Israel, and the Left also hates white people, and I’m a white people, then I must side with Trump and tolerate his Zionism or even become a Zionist myself!” See how that works? And now they have iZOG – International ZOG. But what happens if that fails? We already saw how the Magician’s Force isn’t 100% fool-proof so what’s the back-up plan? If the game was only in 3D!

If predictions show the pro-Zionism angle isn’t working then pivot to pro-Bolshevism. Make Bolshevism appear as the sane, Conservative choice by comparing it to crazy Liberal Marxism, put the word “National” in its name, and voila! It’s an easy choice. Are you going to side with the Zionists who are leeches, the Marxists who are pedophiles and freaks, or the based Nazbols who want White Communism? 

The Nazbols want you to vote Democrat so that the Leftist politicians can do the same Zionist nonsense as the Trump’s administration. Then voters will realize that both sides are controlled by the same group. This results in a political vacuum that the Bolsheviks had planned to fill with Communism disguised as Fascism, aka “National Bolshevism,” after yet another staged revolution. And the argument is very simple: “At least it’s better than Zionism.” Once again we see the Greater of Two Evils fallacy employed to trick the dumb goyim. But thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly to expose the Communist plot, Nazbol was dead on arrival. Bolsheviks have no hope of filling the vacuum now. All of the time and money spent re-branding Communism to make it acceptable to Neo-Nazis…you have no idea… went down the drain, or even worse: Became a weapon in the hands of your enemy. You did that, /pol/! 🙂 And to the ecelebs who sincerely thought Nazbol was the answer:

Let’s look at a 5D chessboard.

  1. (((Their))) original plan was always International Communism – owning the world, not merely Palestine. So the State of Israel is expendable in the pursuit of total domination.
  2. They illegally create Israel after a Holocaust they themselves executed and then immediately begin turning the world against the Jewish State.
  3. After nearly 100 years of pissing everyone off they elect Zionist leaders throughout the world using aforementioned method (and others).
  4. Zionists go full Herzl and start boogaloos everywhere – Jerusalem recognized.
  5. Only Israel loves Israel at this point.
  6. And American voters are starting to regret their vote.
  7. The Zionist right-wing populist pied-pipers are losing favor.
  8. Suddenly ecelebs who shilled for the Zionist ring-wing populists are the loudest voices against them.
  9. Now they’re telling you to vote for Communists.
  10. But all the Communists are Zionists in disguise and they know that.
  11. It turns out the liberal Left is also controlled by Israel – who saw that coming?
  12. Nazbols start leading serious marches, making shit look like Hitler’s Germany, but it’s all empty aesthetics
  13. Neo-Nazis/White Nationalists fooled into thinking that Americans will never want to see goose-stepping in the United States and that Nazbol is the next best thing.
  14. Nazbol is the only choice.
  15. America is now an open proxy-State of Communism whereas before the masses were largely unaware.
  16. Ego-maniac ecelebs with no self-control have real political power.
  17. Israel attacked with the help from based White Nationalist Nazbol burgers.
  18. Richard Spencer or whichever puppet they put into power feels accomplished, like Hitler, and he’s a big boy.
  19. “Moarpheus will like me now!”
  20. Suddenly everyone who was supposed to support an attack against Israel because “muh white genocide!” are siding with Israel and attacking America.
  21. You have lost all support and don’t know what to do.
  22. So you shit your pants.
  23. And maybe cum a little you don’t know why.
  24. America conquered by based Russia/China/Noko/Iran and saved from the evil anti-Semitic Naziboos who must NEVER again be allowed to attain any form of power or privilege.
  25. You and everyone you worked with are trialed and executed.
  26. Anti-Semitism outlawed just like it was under Stalin, just like it is under Putin.
  27. Anons can’t even complain about their genocide
  28. Patriots can’t even complain about the illegal occupation.
  29. Israel devastated but fixable.
  30. Zionism is reborn like the phoenix.
  31. Third Temple built.
  32. Greater Israel achieved.
  33. World ruled from Jerusalem.

And that is their real agenda, my frens. Not some State in the desert but total world control or “Communism” which is another way of saying “Zionism.” They’re using you to do it. Ecelebs, people within the IC, politicians, judges, and world leaders: When this is all finished the Enemy will lay one final snare; The people you are trusting to bring Utopia will betray you and bring International Imprisonment. Zionism is Globalism

The Jewish State is the Azazel-goat (a false sacrifice) and nothing more. Many will die. Many more imprisoned and enslaved. Gog and Magog must fall before NWO may fully rise.

In regards to Mr. Tarrant:

On March 14th, 2019 at 10:00pm I wrote a post on the 8chan’s /pol/ board explaining how to rig an election. It was much the same content as above, where also I introduced Political Accelerationism. The thread was slid and 404ed or perhaps there simply wasn’t interest. However, two and one-half hours later Brenton Tarrant posts his final message on /pol/ along with his manifesto, in which he referred to himself as an Accelerationist, and proceeded to shoot-up a Mosque. Afterwards the SPLC ran with the “Accelerationist” meme and now it’s tied to political terrorism instead of strategic political reform. This was the first time Accelerationism was accused of being a violent strategy. That’s what happens when the need to shut it down arises! Here are the archives to the original threads: http://archive.is/2xuq4 | https://archive.md/yxi4m

I feel terrible for any loss of life, especially if there’s even a small chance that one of my shitposts is responsible, but at least the Muslims were redpilled as to the identity of the real culprit.


 Part Three: The DailyStormer

We all know the DS is a honeypot, Weev is a Jewish FED, and Anglin is a race-mixing troll who can be pretty funny. I hope to provide a more detailed, though not complete, picture of the DailyStormer and its operators.

Andrew Anglin was exposed as being Jewish by one of his own fellow tribesmen who apparently wasn’t aware of the Anti-Semitism to Zionism Pipeline scam Herzl created. This video is the result of friendly-fire. The Jew in the video, Joseph Cohen, was apparently unaware that Andrew Anglin serves the Zionist-Bolshevik agenda by spreading mindless anti-Semitism. But that all changed in 2019 when the Israel Advocacy movement hosted a debate with (((Far-Right))) talking-head Mark Collett on the topic: “Should Zionists support a white ethno-State?” How fast the anti-Nazi Jews change their thinking if it means strenghtening their own control! There is no integrity with these people, only self-interest and back-biting.

So if Andrew Anglin is a Jew then he must be a based self-hating Jew like Bobby Fischer, right? Not exactly. Anglin is playing the scam which Theodor Herzl, one of Weev’s ancestors, invented. It goes like this:

Throw a big enough hissy-fit and you will get your way.

Herzl was responsible for harnessing anti-Semitism as a weapon. In Germany, Jews were causing all sorts of problems, just like they are right now in Europe. ANTIFA, the Alt-Right, populism, “fake news,” everything happening right now has already happened, but that’s a redpill in and of itself. Anyway. Herzl realized that if Jews caused enough problems in their host nation they would get expelled just as they had 100+ times prior. This revelation was exactly what the Zionists needed who were having no success convincing Germany’s Jews to leave for the arid desert of Palestine. So the Elite and their pied pipers (Jews and shabbos goy who LARPed as German Nationalists and National Socialists) generated as much hated for Jews as possible. The result? A Holocaust conducted by the Allied Forces, controlled by a small clique of Internationalists, against both German and Jewish civilians. Then the lies about lampshades and soap started. Thanks to mind-rape conducted by what would become the CIA and MOSSAD, Jews who were in camps solely because none could be trusted but who had themselves committed absolutely no offense against Germany, young mothers and children, were convinced for life that Hitler’s personal war-giraffee raped their best friend to death in front of their very eyes, or some equally absurd fantasy had happened. Most Jews knowingly lied, as was the case with Joseph Hirt, but some were simply brainwashed – a tradition that continues today.

And Herzl won. The Jews got Israel.

That is what Anglin is. That is what Herzl was. Animals, not men, who care for no one but themselves and nothing but the fulfillment of their every mundane impulse. anglin israel tvanglin israel 9anglin israeli shill

Alright, so what about Weev? How bad is it really?

weev rundownpilosov infodailystormer pilosovpilosov rothschildpilosov 1pilosov 2pilosov 3pilosov 4pilosov 5PIL-WHERE-ARE-YOUweev kushner 16weev kushner 24weev kushner 22weev kushner 17weev commie kikeweev youcisweev commie 2fistWeev and Glenn Greenwald 1Weev and Glenn GreenwaldWeev and Glenn Greenwald 3Weev and Glenn Greenwald 4“Israel bad! Russia good!” & “Zionism bad! Nazbol good!”

 It’s a pivot from Zionism to Communism. They’re retaining the Conservative aesthetics of Political Zionism so they can more easily convince you that this new form of Communism is based and Fascismpilled. Protip: It’s not. And why is it not? Because National Bolshevism is the definition of pilpul. Bolshevism is Internationalism. The original Bolsheviks believed in Internationalism. But they also believed in a perverse type of Nationalism. To them individual nations should exists as nothing more than hubs for spreading International Communism. The only difference between typical Communism and Bolshevism is that the latter disguises itself as Nationalism. Nazbol-is-JewishAnglin NazbolYet more pivoting from National Socialism to National Bolshevism dailystormer ironybros

These people are poison. They are not harmless degenerate Jews trying to scam a buck. They are, in my opinion, Intelligence. And they are, just like the people at TRS, traitors subverting the United States in preparation for the American Bolshevik Revolution.


 Part Four: TRS

You all know about Enoch’s Jewish wife and that he himself is a Russian Jew (1|2), so I only want to point out one thing, and that is:TRS 5They even admit they’re LARPing to “promote impossible political reforms.” What did TRS do? They started as edgy Neo-Nazi LARPers, built an audience from /pol/, and slowly transitioned to National Bolshevism in a sterile attempt to drag you all along with them.

mike enocherik striker dailystormerbut then I was like…

trs nazbol 2trs nazboleric striker nazbol 9eric striker nazbol 7eric striker nazbol 6Are these people merely deceptive leftists? Are they rogue Intelligence Officers or perhaps assets? What’s clear is the entirety of this post is enough cause to begin a proper investigation, if one hasn’t already started. Don’t you want to know what types of individuals are committing felonious crimes to subvert the American public? I do. Until a based hero delivers we’ll just have to look into people ourselves, so let’s continue.


 Part Five: Red Ice

lana 6lana 2lana loktev 1loktev 2loktev 3merchant russianlana-1copeland 2copeland ciacianiggerlana-nazbol-starred ice duginred ice dugin 2renegade red ice 3

Well, it appears the DailyStormer, TRS, and Red Ice are crypto-Bolshevik propaganda outlets run by Jews and glow in the darks. I will go one step further and say that this is the case with everyone on the edgy-Right, from ecelebs to politicians and media personalities.

spencer nazbol

At least we still have Renegad-

renegade dailystormer


 Part Six: Renegade

The loudest voice against Nazbol has been Sinead from Renegade, hands-down. However, I’d like you to consider who Sinead is. Most of you associate the Flat-Earth theory, race-mixing, mental illness, feminism, and online political cults with Sinead and Renegade. A quick Google search proves as much. Is it a coincidence then that the person trying to associate herself with anti-Nazbol is also the most genuinely disliked and cartoonish individual on the entire eceleb scene? That sounds like controlled opposition to me. Imagine if I was trying to convince you of a controversial truth but instead of intelligently explaining why it’s the truth I act like a retard and spaz about ancient Hyperborean space Nazis or the Earth being flat instead. Would you believe anything I had to say even if I was speaking the truth? Probably not, and that’s how a limited hang-out works.

Renegade collects only a few followers whom Sinead viciously protects from the outside redpill, but they never seem to have enough sheep to properly fleece and father must still pay the bills. They are in financial trouble and have been for some time. Which leads me to ask why Kyle would leave a great paying job working for Google to start a White Nationalist podcast. And why, OH WHY, has Sinead’s father been paying the bills this entire time? Why is he putting up with that? Hmmm…that actually sounds familiar though. Who else left a high paying job to start doing White Nationalist stuff for d’nations? Kyle Hunt, Patrick Little, Mike Enoch…maybe we should make a Bingo game out of this?

In my opinion Renegade exists as controlled opposition and to create a Limited Hangout. Supporting this assertion is the fact that Renegade has a long history with virtually every single person they now attack. I’ll give a few examples.

renegade red ice 4renegade dawsonrenegade red ice 1renegade jesse 2

Why would Renegade associate with Red Ice, Ryan Dawson, and Jesse Lee Peterson?renegade ryan dawsondawson jew lover(((ryan dawson))) holocaust is realjesse zionist 5jesse dailystormer weev

LOL you are all the same network of shills! Ok, ok. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s keep digging. It’s not like the DailyStormer has personally shilled for Renegad-renegade dailystormer 5DailyStormer launches July 4, 2013renegade dailystormer 6One month later Anglin starts shilling Renegade’s contentrenegade dailystormer 4renegade dailystormer 3renegade dailystormer 2And to repay the favor…weev renegaderenegade weev 2









Or maybe I need to take my pills? Let’s continue.

There’s several ways to track users on 4chan, and for this method we’ll be using a thread celebrating White Nationalist Women. Shill teams create these threads so they can sneak-in a tradthot eceleb like Lauren Southern or in this case Sinead McCarthy. track 0

We’ll focus our attention on the following single image. Note that OP and the poster of this image are the same person.track 1track 2

Here he is in another thread shilling for Sineadtrack 4track 6track 8track 9track LOL


Yet another threadtrack 10track 10btrack 10cIt’s the same people every single thread. There is nothing organic to any of this.track 11Screenshot_2020-02-05 pol - Politically Incorrect » Searching for posts with the image hash ‘CXo2pbvZ8LQN7Vdn2dkAGg==’

There is evidence outside of 4chan of Renegade’s involvement in harmful psyops against the United States and specifically against European Americans. Consider who hosts their website. renegade hostingRenegade is sharing hosting through ZenSurfrei. Before we look into who owns that company let’s take a look at some of their other clients.dailystormer zen 1dailystormer zen 2dailystormer zen 4dailystormer zen 6The guy who hosts Renegade has also hosted The DailyStormer. TOTAL COHENCIDENCE!dailystormer zen 3He also hosted Vanguard News Network

zen linder(((alex linder)))How do you do fellow racists?

Let’s look at another site hosted on the same server as Renegade.renegade kai murros sourcerenegade kai murros 3bAmerican Third Position is hosted on the same server as Renegade.renegade kai 1renegade kai murros 6renegade kai murros 7renegade kai murros 4renegade kai murros 5b

Quick ?: How many degrees of seperation exist between Renegade and President Trump?

renegade kai 2renegade kai murros 3renegade kai murros 3crenegade kai murros 3drenegade kai murros 3eONE BIG NETWORK

Ok, so who is the guy that owns the hosting company everyone is using, Zensurfrei? Gerhard Lauck.zen laucklauck 1lauck 2An old-school glow in the dark still working the “Hey kid, wanna blow up a Federal building?” angle even to this very day. So brave. Reminds me of Andrew Anglin. You think some training happened at some point? 

Renegade also appears to be fans of Kai Murrosrenegade kai wtfrenegade kai murros(((kai)))kai renegade 3strasserBut does anyone really need investigative work to conclude that Sinead is a Bad Actor? Look at her behavior:sinead demoralizationsinead demoralization 2sinead demoralization 3

Based on my reserch all ecelebs are part of a single International network designed to promote disinformation and discourage peaceful resistance (unless they’re leading the protests, of course!). They want you to either act violently and become a white boogeyman, or do nothing but remain entertained while d’nating shekels. 

White Genocide is a very lucrative business!


 Part Seven: TLDR

No one should ever again feel the need to expose ecelebs. Just link newfags to this and wash your hands of the matter. Let irrelevant Communists starve on their irrelevancy. They deserve nothing, not even an insult, from any one of you. Now we can focus on more important matters. You know what’s going on and you know how the Enemy operates. All opposition is controlled, all movements are comped, all “Nationalist” groups are designed to spread Communism, all previous systems are insufficent for solving the Jewish Problem, and it’s all shit. This is enough information to get your juices flowing and maybe you’ll develop something truly revolutionary. And that’s how you should be thinking. Instead of looking for a leader become one, or at the very least, become worthy to be led by a good leader otherwise you’re stuck with Spencer. Focus on improving yourself and your family. Continue researching every angle, especially Iran and how the Enemy already controls the world’s governments. You knew that, right? Remaining now is convincing people like you and I to go along with the NWO because it’s better than the alternative (there’s that Better of Two Evils scam once again). You don’t have to choose between one form of Judaism or the other. Do not ever be violent and do not break the law – you have the right to protest, so use it, just don’t get led-around by pied pipers next time. Dedicate yourself to the cause, as many others have, or watch from the sidelines and stay out of the way. ww3 information

This post is entitled “Full Disclosure” but to be honest most of the information must be kept for myself until a need arises to let it go.

Cya around GRUCIAMOSSAD and stay defeated.








11 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. I’d hate to lose contact with you. Gonna miss your posts. Was wondering where you went. Was worried you were picked off.

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    1. Preparing to take this sideshow into the real world. Hopefully things get better before then. Can email and I’ll check the comments here once a week or so. Hope to see you and hangout sometime in the future 🙂


      1. So a few things to address here. Two questions: What email can I reach you through? And how exactly do you plan to “take this sideshow to the real world?

        Also I noticed you deleted both of our dox’s and I appreciate you deleting mine too in the process. Worried someone might have found it accidentally and try to throw it around my hometown. I wish we could hang out someday. You’re one of the only ones I trust. Also thanks for including me in the screen cap (;

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      2. Yeah no problem, man. Eventually, and I hope soon, good people will realize that online propaganda has run its course. With nothing more than dank maymays and endurance the /pol/ collective annihilated both sides of the false Right VS. Left dichotomy. Using the Internet is like putting your boot on the Enemy’s neck each time he tries to get back up, so it’s good to tell the truth online and we need digital information activists, but this work is also very tiresome. IOTBW was an experiment to see how decentralized anons respond to decentralized IRL peaceful activism, even though the originators of the operation prbly had no idea. And we will need that too – decentralized, anonymous truth-telling. However, the time is coming to speak in the real world, to interact with people personally, and to raise them up to a new level of Understanding. That’s the only way we can convince Evil men and women of their error and good people of the Truth. Orators, musicians, and others who can protect another person using magic is the next stage in our struggle. But I’m still waiting for them, and myself, to fully wake-up. Until then, prepare yourselves and stay away from what’s evil; if you have failed to understand the Truth how can you give it to anyone else? The cure would become a poison in such a person’s hands and only harm the ones they mean to heal.

        just keep doing the right thing while you’re waiting and you can reach me at moarpheussocial@gmail.com


      3. Thanks man! Also this is gonna sound like a really stupid question. I know that our vote doesn’t matter. BUT if the goal is to do the opposite of what jews say, it seems that ALL zionist jews, from Mike Bloomberg on the dems side to well… pretty much (((everyone))) on the republicans side, hate Bernie (which astounds me because he himself is jewish). What’s the angle with him? Why do they seem to hate him if he’s literally a jew pushing for communism. It doesn’t make any sense.

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      4. Bernie is a Jew pushing for Communism because no one is America is going to embrace Communism and they know that. I believe Bernie is controlled opposition to make his opponent seem more reasonable to voters.

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      5. Also something to remember though: if Bernie loses the nomination (which he probably will), the heroin junkies and antifags on the radical left will riot and do the very thing we’re avoiding doing: criminal brutality. Which might actually work in our favor in swaying public opinion. Down side is it’ll also bring uninformed people to (((Trump))). The one thing the radical left is good for is opposing israel by way of muh Palestinian rights.

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      6. When the time is right the Left and Right won’t even exist. <333


    2. I think you’re right about the left and right not existing soon. I vaguely keep up with what the narrative on the “progressive” wing of the democrat party is (peaceful BDS supporters like Jimmy Dore and Kim Iversen etc.) And yes, they might be commie-lite, BUT they do seem to want to push for a third party and form a coalition with anti-zionists on the right to subvert the (((two party system))). That sounds kinda like what you’re talking about with the left and right no longer existing. But I know they’re YouTube pundits so I try to take it with a grain of salt. I don’t know what their back story is like you might.


  2. Anti-Rationalist March 10, 2020 — 3:19 am

    Interesting stuff. If there was anything I could have added to it, I would have added mention of the Purity Spiral and the four lolcow that represent it (Karl Radl, Butch Deadlift/Rip Steakface, Kimball, and Wolf14)

    Supposedly, the site was founded in protest against TRS due to Enoch and his Jewishness and his Jew wife, but it would go on to open its arms to just about everyone in the edgy sphere, the biggest influx coming from the Daily Stormer.

    Brought this up, because, despite ostensibly running an anti-TRS operation, Kimball still listens to TRS content and is probably still in contact with the Jewish Cabal in that sphere. Butch constantly pushes this gay cynicism meme while also pushing for communist friendliness if they’re anti-Israel. Karl has repeatedly supported and spouted Leftist talking points or support/romanticism towards the Old Left. And Wolf14 and his ilk will attack anyone that dares question the Purity Spiral’s dubious consensus.

    And while they are a largely irrelevant internet forum, I feel it’s worth pointing out because they are some of the loudest shit sewers over in /pol/ and any place that ostensibly is filled with people who are against the Zio Communist menace

    Just wanted your two cents

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good post, man. I believe they’re crypto-Bolsheviks of the worst kind: Vulture Capitalists working to subvert America and Europe for shekels. Imagine saying you want to free man from the burden of Capitalism and then putting your content behind a paywall Lol these people are human garbage.


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